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Toolkit Summary

A collection of the most popular tools used by System Center Tools while consulting with customers on projects related to SCCM and Migrations. These tools are support on System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and up.

Enhanced Collection Updater

Download Here.

ECU automatically updates collections when an Active Directory group defined in collection criteria is modified. This tool is derived from the popular SCCM 2003/2007 era tools Enhanced System and Enhanced User Discovery.

Collection Exporter and Red Button Deployment Halt

Download Here.

Sometimes you complete a project and leave with full confidence that the infrastucture and solution is in good hands. Other times you cringe because you know that despite the training that was delivered and the knowledge transfer there remains a lack of understanding of the power and dangers inherent in a mass automation solution like System Center Configuration Manager. You wonder how long it will be before the servers are all restarted during business hours or the nightmare scenario of a rogue Task Sequence wiping out every system in the organization. This nightmare scenario is what this tool is designed to prevent. Even for the organization that has a handle on it mistakes can be made or a new guy hired. This tool monitors when a collection changes membership drastically due to query modification by an administrator. When the collection membership change exceeds a threshold then task sequences which may contain OS upgrade or disk formatting actions are automatically disabled.

The collection exporter also backs up all your collections to MOF each time a collection is modified. This enables rollback to a previous revision of the collection.


Windows 10 Application Compatibility Inventory extensions

Available to Download soon!

An alternative to Upgrade Analytics for customers who have not made the jump to putting their data in the cloud. Use our sample reports to identify applications incompatible with Windows 10. Supports Anniversary, Creations and future editions of Windows 10 which may have different incompatible applications.

Client Health and Installation

Available to Download soon!

Leverages a health collection containing unhealthy systems and SCCM Client Push to automatically remediation. Logs to a SQL table for reporting purposes to identify which clients don't resolve or ping or have errors during push attempts. Use the report to identify what systems are not resolving, responding to ping, have been targeted for re-installation or have errors on install.

This tool can completely replace Automatic Client Push and filter based on collection. Or it can supplement Automatic Client Push and just be used to reinstall clients that are unhealthy.

Event Error Summarization

Available to Download soon!

Extend SCCM Inventory and Reporting with Event Error summarization.

Windows Servicing Error Detection Inventory extension

Available to Download soon!

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates leveraging Sessions and can have errors. This tool helps to identify clients with problems applying the Cumulative Updates.

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