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These solutions combine services with software to provide a solution.

Security Event Log Trending and Audit Solution

Using the System Center Tools Security Event Log Audit Tool this solution will extend the SCCM inventory with summarized data from clients security event log. Reports will be customized for your environment to help identify common and uncommon security events and then identify systems which do not follow the same pattern as others. This solution can help identify hacking or security compromises.

Windows 10 Application Compatibility Assessment with SCCM Extension

An alternative to the Microsoft OMS/Windows Analytics, this solution keeps the application compatibility information on-premise and in your SCCM database. Services will comprise installing the System Center Tools Windows 10 Compatibility Assessment tool into a task sequence for deployment to your systems. Deployment and data gathering is a silent and unattended operation. Reports will be custom tailored to your environment to identify incompatible applications. An example collection can be created to identify systems with incompatible applications. Total service time is usually no more than 5 days, but not consecutive days to give time for data collection prior to custom report creation.

Price is $7500 and includes subscription to System Center Tools Toolkit for 1 year. Opportunity for partners to provide services so contact if you are a Gold or Silver Microsoft Partner and interested in providing these services.

End Point Software Usage Assessment

This Assessment involves deploying an SCCM inventory extension tool to the EndPoints which can run on a daily or weekly basis. It will summarize all process executions and report that data to SCCM. Reports are provided identifying application usage for all executables. 

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