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Collection Export and Revision History Tool

Just finished up some final edits to v1.00 for a new SCCM tool for managing collection exports and providing revision history. I developed this tool initially for my own purposes. I wanted to be able to quickly and easily export all the collections to .mof from a SCCM site so that the WQL would be easily available for re-purposing at other customers. But then I thought about how great it would be to use this as a collection backup tool so that you could just restore specific collections without having to restore an entire SCCM site. I then added delta collection export so only collections which changed since the last backup would be exported. I have also date time stamped the exported mofs based on the collection change time creating a revision history for each collection. On top of all of that I added one additional feature which for some customers could be a life saver. Running the collection exporter any time a collection is modified will compare the previous collections membership to the post-change membership. If a collection increases its membership significantly, say from 50 to 5000, then any task sequence deployed to the collection will automatically be disabled and an e-mail notification sent to a defined set of administrators. Download here- Collection Exporter is part of the System Center Tools Toolkit for SCCM and Windows 10 Deployment and servicing. Get a 90-day free trial subscription here -

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